TJ Drama holds auditions for one-acts


Seniors Abby Biow, Bobby Ends and Lauren Revere meet during the auditions.

The lecture hall is filled with students reading off of scripts and acting out different characters. Seniors Saloni Chaswal and Hannah Rudin are sitting in the corner with their laptops open. In front of them, student after student stops by, taking turns to audition for “Statuesque.”

Because of the changes in the drama department this year, TJ Drama was not able to continue their tradition of using student-written plays for the Annual Knight of One Axe. However, the students’ talent and hard work did not go to waste.

On Dec. 10, TJ Drama held auditions for two student-written plays, “Statuesque,” by Rudin, and “Catchphrase,” by junior Jordan Goodson. Auditions required only a cold reading, instead of the usual prepared monologue.

“Statuesque” will be directed by Chaswal and Rudin, and “Catchphrase” by Goodson and junior Liesl Jaeger. Unlike rehearsals for the Knight of

One Axe, which were held afterschool, rehearsals for “Catchphrase” and “Statuesque” will be held during Wednesday and Friday eighth periods, respectively. The performance is scheduled for Jan. 11 afterschool. The cast lists are now up on the  TJ Drama bulletin board.

Freshman Ana Stevens auditioned for both shows. She didn’t get to participate in the Knight of One Axe in the fall because her schedule was busy with TJ Colonials Marching Band practices afterschool.

“I’ve done theater before, and I like it,” she said. “I really like telling a story in front of everyone and making it bigger and better.”