Math hallway moves out to the trailers


When the renovation took the math hallway away from the teachers and students, the trailers on the tennis courts became the new temporary classrooms for them.

The classes in the math hallway were moved out to the trailers during the teacher workdays to make room for the temporary library that will be located upstairs.

“It was before the first quarter grades were done. It was the least inconvenient time but was still inconvenient for the math teachers,” English teacher Judith Bello said.

On Nov. 7, the Humanities Department made bags of goodies to share with the math teachers who were inconvenienced by the move.

“The Humanities Department wanted to share some love with the math department by getting our leftover Halloween candies and baking goodies,” Bello said. “We need to make special effort to keep up the moral as the renovation makes life more difficult.”