Sneha is a junior at TJHSST, and she is doing her first year of journalism. Sneha has participated in writing and STEM contests before, and she hopes to somehow integrate writing in her future career. Sneha joined tjTODAY by mistake due to schedule mishaps, but after attending the first few classes, she learned to love journalism and decided that she should continue to write instead. She enjoys photography and is happy that she can learn more about it through journalism. Sneha also likes to draw, play the violin, and hang out with her friends. Sneha tries to volunteer as often as she can as well. She is currently a volunteer at the Dulles South Food Pantry, and she was also a part of the STEMbassadors program, where she helped teachers teach elementary school students. Sneha hopes to join medical camps around the world to help people in need. She is planning to start an eighth period club this year with some of her friends so that she can share her love for music and singing with other students. In the future, Sneha wishes to pursue a career in neuroscience, specifically one that relates to biology.

Sneha Joisha, Staff Writer

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