Wonders in Wallops vlog: Day 3

Sneha Joisha, Staff Writer

View this link to watch the first vlog in my Wallops Island series: https://www.tjtoday.org/23569/blogs/wonders-in-wallops-vlog-day-1/ 

Day three of my trip to Wallops Island had so many sights. First off, we went to the marsh, which I did not get to take video clips of because of the extreme muddy environment. We walked through the mud, fell into mud holes, and took mud baths. We got to choose whether we wanted to submerge ourselves in the mud, and I’m glad I didn’t because it was hard to wash off the mud afterwards. Towards the afternoon, we went on a boat ride, sampled the salty water, and collected more organisms, including a shrimp and sponges. To end the day, we had a party where we had a feast. Compared to days one and two, this was my favorite day.