Wonders in Wallops vlog: Day 2

Sneha Joisha, Staff Writer

View this link to watch the first vlog in my Wallops Island series: https://www.tjtoday.org/23569/blogs/wonders-in-wallops-vlog-day-1/ 

The second day of my trip proved to be much more exciting. After attending a lecture about the intertidal zone and dunes, we visited those areas to collect organisms for a lab that we were going to do later in the evening. The intertidal zone, which I unfortunately did not get to take video clips of due to the wet environment, had very muddy trails and freezing water that we had to walk through. Later, we walked through the dunes, which was also quite chilly. There, we explored organisms and plants, and we visited the beach as well. During the lab, we tried to identify the organisms we caught using a microscope and a field guide. All in all, it was a very intense yet rewarding day.