Wonders in Wallops vlog: Day 4

Sneha Joisha, Staff Writer

View this link to watch the first vlog in my Wallops Island series: https://www.tjtoday.org/23569/blogs/wonders-in-wallops-vlog-day-1/ 

The final day of my Wallops Island trip was full of smiles and surprises. To start off the day, we had to pack up all of our personal items and clean our dorms afterwards. We then got onto a bus and went to the maritime forest where we saw many pine trees and heard a woodpecker. Towards the middle of our walk through the forest, we saw a lighthouse and got certificates of participation from our field guide. After our walk, we were surprised with a trip to the creamery, which was filled with homemade ice cream. It was a very enjoyable day; I was really pleased with the whole experience of visiting Wallops Island. I will definitely miss all the fun adventures we had.