Shakespeare Troupe holds auditions for “Othello”


Directors Daniel Sainati (left) and Mikaela Ruiz-Ramon (middle) watch Theo Richardson (right) during his audition.

Tommy Lunn

Reciting a dramatic monologue from “Hamlet,” junior Theo Richardson contended for his place in Jefferson’s Shakespeare Troupe’s rendition of “Othello.”  The show’s directors, senior Daniel Sainati and junior Mikaela Ruiz-Ramon watched on, carefully taking notes.

Each year, Shakespeare Troupe performs a show, which it brings to the Secondary School Shakespeare Festival at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., in March.  Following last year’s full-length performance of “Macbatman,” Shakespeare Troupe will be performing a 25-minute version of “Othello.”

“Instead of doing a full-length show this year, Shakespeare Troupe is trying something new and hosting an event called ‘Night of Shakespeare,’” Ruiz-Ramon said.

Additionally, Shakespeare Troupe holds the annual “Shakesperience.” “Shakesperience” is held at Jefferson on a Saturday in April, and invites local elementary and middle students to learn about Shakespeare and theater in general.

Auditions for “Othello” are continuing on Nov. 19, during B-block of eighth period.  The directors are looking for actors to portray the play’s complex characters, as well as to show stage presence.

“We decided to do Othello because it’s a fantastic play, but also it fit all of our criteria. We wanted to do a tragedy, a play that the audience would be familiar with and therefore easier for them to follow, and it has a little something for everyone,” Ruiz-Ramon said.