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‘Genshin Impact’ update introduces iconic new characters and skills

The new version update to the video game Genshin Impact has many new additional features as well as new characters and quests. The update gives players more information about the characters and explores the world even more. With the release of Fontaine a few months ago, the new update gives players more information about Fontaine and its characters. [Official Genshin Impact Website]

Genshin Impact, a game released in 2020, is celebrating its third anniversary this year. Along with the new 4.1 version update of the game, which was released on Sept. 27, there are many new and exciting features to the game, including an update to the daily commissions. 

Genshin Impact follows a traveler who lost their sibling many years ago. While the whole story hasn’t been released yet, the Traveler will visit seven nations. Currently, five of the seven nations have been released: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru and Fontaine. Each nation is based on a culture or country, and each contains a specific element. Characters wield Visions, which give the character the power to use an element while fighting. The elements are Anemo (air), Geo (rocks), Electro (electricity), Dendro (plants), Hydro (water), Pyro (fire) and Cryo (ice). 

The new version update includes new characters from its new nation, Fontaine, which was released a few months prior. The new characters include Neuvillette and Wriothesley. Fans of the game have been waiting for the release of these new characters since they have been first introduced to the storyline. Wriothesley was released on Oct. 18, while Neuvillette was released on Sept. 27. 

There are five main types of weapons: catalysts, swords, claymores, polearms and bows. Each character uses one of those four types of weapons. Catalysts are magical weapons that do elemental damage from one of the seven elements; swords are quick during combat, but claymores have slower attack speeds and tend to do more damage per hit; polearms have fast attacks and a long reach, but they deal less damage compared to some of the other weapons; bows can do long-range damage and can even deal elemental damage.

The new update to the commissions is one of the best parts about this version update as it no longer takes a lot of time to do them.

— Karen Lee, 15, Staff Writer

To get new characters in the game, a player must “pull” for one on their specific banner. The player basically has to roll for the character, the process is completely random and the chances of getting the character are very slim. This is why the game has a system so that you are guaranteed the character after a certain number of pulls. In order to pull on the banner, they must have a Fate, which is a ticket that allows them to pull for a character. However, you must buy these with Primogems, which are earned through quests and exploration. 

Neuvillette, a Hydro catalyst, is the Chief Justice of Fontaine. He oversees the trials of Fontaine and hands out the verdicts. However, he does not have a vision, it was revealed in the new update that he was the Hydro dragon. The significance of the Hydro dragon has not yet been released.

Wriothesly is the “Duke” of the Fortress of Meropide. The Fortress of Meropide is essentially the dungeons of Fontaine. However, punishment in Fontaine is usually exile, but criminals can stay in the Fortress of Meropide for as long as they want. Wriothesly oversees the prison. He is a Cryo catalyst and is the first one to ever be released.

The new characters have very good attacks and skills. However, Neuvillette’s skill decreases the character’s health when it is used for a long period of time. While the skill does a lot of damage to opponents, his skill is better when it is not used for longer periods of time if the opponent can deal multiple attacks in a short period of time.  

There is also a new update to the daily commissions. Daily commissions are quests that you get every day that you can complete to get various rewards. In the new version update, a player can easily get their daily commission rewards by just playing the game. The new update to commissions makes it much easier to quickly get rewards and focus time on other quests. 

The new update to the commissions is one of the best parts about this version update as it no longer takes a lot of time to do them. You can spend your time building stronger characters or collecting resources around the world to use later on. 

Additionally, the update added new artifact domains, which are places that a player can enter to fight monsters. After a player finishes fighting the monsters within the given time limit, they can earn artifacts that can be equipped to your characters to improve their abilities and skills. The new artifact domains include artifacts that work best with the new characters. The artifacts are perfect for having a strong character that can fight well. 

With the new updates, players can complete more quests and find out more about the Traveler’s journey throughout Fontaine. 

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