Democrats win all three Northern Virginia House elections


Coverage of Virginia’s House Districts and their results.

Robert Stotz, Print Editor in-Chief

Following election day on Nov. 8, the Democratic candidates in Districts 8, 10, and 11 have secured their seats in the House of Representatives. 

District 8 has had a solid history of Democratic representation in the House, an ongoing streak initially started by James Moran back in 1990. This holds true for the past election cycle, with Donald Beyer winning with the largest margin of any democratic candidate in the state, and the second largest of any candidate, being a close second to Republican Morgan Griffith of District 9.

District 10 has spent the least amount of time with a democratic representative in recent years, with Jennifer Wexton being the first in several decades after her first win in 2018. Being one of the closer races in the state, Wexton only managed to edge out her opponent Hung Cao by around 17,000 votes, or roughly 6% of the voter population. 

District 11 has had Gerald Connolly as their representative since 2008, with solid voter margins for nearly every cycle. His most recent race follows suit with a majority of 66.4% of the votes against Republican James Myles. 

Additional details regarding the election can be found here.