News Brief: Jefferson finds new Associate Principal



Former interim Director of Student Services Ms. Sara Genetin has been selected to be Jefferson’s new Associate Principal.

Robert Stotz, Team Leader

After the departure of former Associate Principal Dr. Ana Cingel, the Jefferson administration team initiated a screening process to review potential candidates to fill the vacancy. On Sept. 14, in an email announcement to Jefferson staff, last year’s interim Director of Student Services Ms. Sara Genetin was selected to become the new Associate Principal. 

Noting the unique opportunity that Jefferson provides both students and faculty, Genetin speaks to her motivation to accept the position.

“For me, TJ is a community where students and staff alike thrive in their learning. This is a special place where curiosity is celebrated, risks are encouraged, and uniqueness is embraced. I am humbled to be a leader to so many future leaders and innovators,” Genetin said.

Genetin looks forward to her first day on Sept. 19.