Coding Lady Colonials hosts Guest Speaker



Tulsee Doshi is the Head of Product for Google’s Responsible AI & Human-Centered Technology Organization. She was also included in Forbe’s 30 under 30 for 2022

Ketevan Gallagher, Staff Writer

On December seventeenth, Coding Lady Colonials (CLC) will host a guest speaker, Tulsee Doshi. Doshi is the product lead for machine learning (ML) fairness and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) at Google.

“Google and a lot of the top [tech] companies have had some issues with ethical AI and biases, specifically in search engines,” said Anya Parekh, a senior, and the president of CLC. “So having that perspective, as part of such a big company, and being the ML fairness and responsible AI lead… will be interesting.”

CLC has had guest speakers in the past, but they were not able to host any last year due to the pandemic.

“CLC has always wanted to bring in speakers again to inspire other girls to join technology, to [let them] see all these other women being pioneers in technology… and this year we’re like, you know what? This is the time to do it.” said Parekh. 

CLC hopes that this event will inspire more women to pursue their interests in computer science, and give them the opportunity to learn more about how to do that.

“The entire point of this is to inspire the girls in CLC. To [let them] know there are people out there doing such amazing things and using technology to better the world and to kind of reassure them that no matter what anyone says… you can do it,” said Parekh.

In addition, this event is not just for girls. Students of all genders are welcome to come to this event. 

“We’re open to all genders, not just girls… a lot of people at TJ are trying to pursue technology, so they’re always welcome… This is a great opportunity to hear about other people’s experiences, what they might have been through,” said Parekh.

The event will be held Friday A block, December 17th.