Jefferson establishes first Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter


Megan Zhang

Symphonic wind ensemble representative Pranav Kuruba (left) and President Mira Kim (right) answer questions at the interest meeting on Nov. 22. “I think having a music honor society would really add a lot to our school,” Kim said. “I feel like it would give students a voice and help spread the love of music that we all share to a wider community.”

Megan Zhang, Staff Writer

Jefferson’s newly formed Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter held an interest meeting on Monday, Nov. 22.

Jefferson’s chapter is part of a nationally recognized society for student musicians.

“Tri-M Music Honor Society is the only honor society for student musicians in the country,” junior Mira Kim said. “It’s meant to recognize student achievement in music, and it’s a good way to give back to the community through service projects.”

Kim first thought of the idea to create a Tri-M chapter at Jefferson from her middle school chapter.

“I came from a secondary school where they already had a Tri-M chapter,” Kim said. “When I came to TJ, my expectation was that there would be one here, especially since a lot of the major high schools have a chapter.”

Tri-M’s central aim is to create an inclusive environment in which student musicians can share and bond over their love for music without constraints. Kim hopes to bring together band, orchestra, and choir students to create this all-encompassing Jefferson music community.

“I’m really excited to see how people from band, orchestra, and choir can come together to enjoy this newfound community and build a sense of belonging,” Kim said. “I want to make sure that [Tri-M] is a safe space where [students] can enjoy and talk about music, but also share the opportunities that they’ve gained through service.”

Many Jefferson musicians hope that Tri-M’s music community will encourage students to further foster passions in music, a discipline students can benefit from with its many practical applications.

“I think [Tri-M] will bring more inclusivity in music and encourage people to participate in programs like orchestra, band, and choir,” sophomore orchestra member Pishoy Elias said. “But even just the advancement of music will be important to other aspects of life, like promoting relaxation or encouraging collaboration between players.”

Although the Tri-M chapter is still in its early stages, Kim hopes to arrange society-wide service projects in the future.

“I would really like to have everybody do a sort of general service project,” Kim said. “Maybe do some fundraising for arts programs in the local community, just because I feel like giving back to the community that has helped raise these young musicians of today is really important.”

To apply to be a member of Jefferson’s Tri-M chapter, students must be part of band, orchestra, or eighth period choir. Applications will open Saturday, Nov. 27 and close Dec. 17.