2025 Homecoming preparations finalized despite time constraints


Students attend a Jefferson football game in the freshmen’s spirit video, signifying a new sense of solidarity for the class. The video’s overall theme was “Dare to Dream.” Photo courtesy of the Class of 2025 Spirit Video team.

Grace Sharma and Chris Yoo

Both the freshmen spirit video committee and the Musical Extravaganza (MEX) choreographers struggled to finalize their respective projects given time constraints. 

Because of the late admission process this school year, the freshmen spirit video committee wasn’t assembled until Sept. 3. Once the committee was created, they needed to set up times to meet and begin to create the video. 

“It was hard to narrow down a time when we were all available because [during] lunch a lot of people had MEX and other activities they wanted to do, and after school everyone lived in various places,” freshman Mahima Athipatla, a producer and videographer of the freshmen spirit video, said. 

They ended up finding a time to meet up, and managed to do it primarily through online platforms. 

“We did most of our collaborating on discord calls and sometimes google meets. We spent hours talking, writing. We had a few lunch meetings, too, but most of our collaboration was done online.” Athipatla said. 

Despite the committee’s lack of time, they didn’t have trouble coming up with concepts for the spirit video.

“All of us were really creative and it was actually hard narrowing [them] down because we had so many ideas, but then again there’s a time constraint,” Athipatla said. 

One of those ideas followed a boy who traveled back in time by the flip of a coin, and then forward whenever the coin landed on its opposite side. However, the idea wasn’t possible to create.

“Our first idea was really good, but it was a bit ambitious considering we didn’t have much time to film, edit, and record. But, if we had more time to do it over the summer, we probably would have done a whole different script.” Atipatla said.

In addition to the spirit video committee, freshmen MEX choreographers struggled to teach performers the dances in time for the pep rally. 

“We assumed it would take a week at most to teach the beginning dance, but it ended up taking two to three weeks,” freshman Hasvika Challa, a choreographer for the couples dance and boys dance, said. 

Ultimately, both production crews put in a great effort and got very well received results.

“I think that given that we had such a limited amount of time we did really well,” Mahima Atipatla said. “I’m proud of it and honestly, props to our editors, they did an amazing job. And props to everyone else for making time and figuring it out.”