Back on track

The Jefferson track team powers through the spring season


Photo by Arnold S.

Junior Eugene Gonzalez competes at a meet against Falls Church High School and John Lewis High School on Wed., May 12, 2021.

Ebba Cha, Staff Writer

After having to cancel the last season due to the pandemic, the Jefferson track team returns as one this spring season. Teammates are not only hyped up for practices and meets, but are also looking forward to socializing with one another before practices start.

“We usually talk together, whether it’s about school or our shared hobbies,” freshman Catherine Jeon said. “We socialize and start warm ups to get ourselves prepared for the running workouts.”

Despite having to transition from a normal season to one impacted by the pandemic, students still attend practices Monday through Friday and compete in meets on Wednesdays. 

“At this point, we are pretty used to it and I think the coaches are too,” sophomore Jack Klopson said. “We’re able to kind of handle it and still run practices almost normally, even though we all have to wear masks and distance.”

“At meets, you can only practice with two other schools,” junior Annika Topchy said. “So it’s a lot less people, which means less competition, and it gets really hard to push yourself.”

When students miss practice at school, they make it up at home through conditional workouts, like treadmill running.

“Sometimes I practice at home, and that’s a lot better,” sophomore Luke Wang said. “Though I don’t get to run with other people I know, I don’t have to wear a mask.”

Although track is a big commitment, students are coming up with efficient ways to allocate their limited time slots and motivate themselves despite the unfamiliar circumstances.

“I have to finish my homework quickly, since I leave at around 4:30pm and get home at around 7:30 pm, but it’s definitely worth it,” freshman Lindsey Hwang said.

Despite everyone’s busy schedules, daily practices and weekly meets bring the track family closer together.

“The team has comfortable and friendly vibes that make the experience so fun and worthwhile,” Jeon said. “It also doesn’t matter what grade you are in, since everyone interacts well with one another.”