Spring sports face a lack of clarity over suspended season


After preventing the runners on third and second from scoring additional runs on a sacrifice bunt attempt in the top of the third inning, junior Alexandra Friedman (right), graduated senior Grace Stewart (middle), and sophomore Michelle Boisvert (left) celebrate with a high-five before returning to their respective positions.

Anuj Khemka, Team Leader

Due to concern over COVID-19, Fairfax County Public Schools has suspended all spring sports activities until April 12. Now, with the corresponding closure of schools in FCPS and neighboring counties, uncertainty surrounds whether and when the spring sports season will resume. 

Until decisions regarding the schedule for the rest of the school year itself are finalized, the Virginia High School League (VHSL) and FCPS are unable to provide information on spring sports. 

“State and local leaders have very difficult decisions to make concerning our schools and educating our students for the remainder of the school year.  We have thousands of seniors wondering how they are going to finish their senior year and graduate,” VHSL Assistant Director for Athletics Chris Robinson said. “Once decisions are made about completing the school year, the VHSL will make decisions about spring sports.”

Although the possibility of school closures in Virginia being extended becomes increasingly likely, the VHSL has not ruled out having a spring sports season altogether. 

“The VHSL is committed to putting the health, safety, and welfare of our student-athletes as our number one priority during this international health crisis and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding,” Robinson said. “Our office along with our member schools will work to allow the students involved in spring sports to have some type of a season if possible. Until we see how the next couple of days and weeks progress, we will not know what will happen.”

During this hiatus, school sports teams are not permitted to hold practices, and as a result, players have practiced individually to avoid rust when, or if, the season resumes. 

“There isn’t much our team can do besides working out on our own because it isn’t a good idea to be having practices,” boys’ soccer team captain senior Mark Hamilton said. “When we get back, hopefully, the teams we play will also be in the same situation, so we won’t be at a disadvantage for not practicing together.”