Jefferson girls varsity softball team loses to Marshall


Riley Cooper

The Jefferson softball team lines up for assembly at Marshall High School during their game. It was their second game of the season, and it was postponed due to the weather. “It was kind of last minute, it wasn’t a home game and it was kind of just all over the place a little bit,” sophomore Riley Cooper said.

Karli Torres Hinojosa, Staff Writer

The Jefferson girls varsity softball team to Marshall on Thursday, May 6.

““We ended up losing 16 to 3, being mercy rolled in the fifth inning—where if you’re down by 10 or more by the end of the fifth or sixth inning, they just end the game there,” senior Emma Barnes said. 

Marshall was a tough competitor, but Barnes thinks the team could have performed better.

“Marshall has a really good team, so we weren’t really expecting to win. But I think we could have done significantly better—we could have held them to a much smaller lead,” Barnes said.

Despite losing the game, there were a few highlights for the Jefferson team.

“Emma Barnes got a stand-up double in the second or third inning,” Cooper said. “We had a couple of RBIs, [and] a couple of catches in the infield. I think probably the most impressive thing was that our pitcher, Alex Friedman, had a three up three down inning—she faced three batters and all three of them got out.” 

In addition to some good plays, the game itself was full of energy.

“[There was] a pretty good vibe. It was honestly better than our first game. I think we did a better job of staying energetic throughout the game, which is really important, especially [since] some softball games can end up going pretty long,” Barnes said.

Each player brought energy to the game, including some new additions to the Colonials’ team.

“We have a good three or four kids on the team that have never played the sport before,” Cooper said. “They’re all really, really getting better, and there you can see the improvement. In the end, I’m just so proud of that. It’s like you’ve known how to do this for two weeks and you’re making plays—that’s awesome.”