Genetics Society holds its first meeting


Aarya Kumar

Genetics Society is a club that addresses the field of genetics in a fun, collaborative space through group competitions, expert lectures, and much more. Students are entitled to choose which activities and how much time they want to spend in the club without pressure or any requirements. “Students can choose what activities and topics interest them because I think that’s probably the most important part of a club,” sophomore Khushi Garg said.

Aarya Kumar, Staff Writer

Genetics Society held its first meeting on Wednesday Feb. 12 during B block. The club was started by sophomores Khushi Garg and Oviya Jeyapraksh, who have had a passion for genetics since learning about it in biology.

There are multiple aspects of genetics that are intriguing to TJ students.

“For instance, the biotech and life sciences research lab can be used to look at specific genes or the impacts of that gene in the disorder and then another thing is just bringing awareness to different genetic disorders that people might not know,” Garg said.

As opposed to other clubs, Genetics Society is more hands-on for members.

“Currently, we plan to have competitions revolving around knowledge about genetics and fun review games because that’s something that will keep people engaged and excited about what they’re learning,”said Garg.

This club has seen a large turnout.

“I feel there’s a lot that can be done in the club,” sophomore Yulee Kang, who attended the first meeting of Genetics Society, said. “For example, if we just want to give presentations we could do that but also there’s a lot more hands on activities that we could potentially do especially with the technology that’s available at TJ.”