Earful of love

A Valentine’s Day playlist serenading to ears

Connie Ryu, Team Leader

Feb. 14—otherwise known as Valentine’s Day—is a day about love and affection. Whether romantic, familial, or personal, love is paramount in our daily lives. This playlist for Valentine’s Day features a diversity of songs that share a commonality hitting in the feels. Alongside the sweet acoustic serenades, pop throwbacks like One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” bring a smile to my face, while slower, groovier tracks like “Versace on the Floor” have me vibing. A sprinkle of Korean music can also be found throughout, from upbeat K-pop songs like Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” to Korean-American rapper pH-1’s chill “Nerdy Love,” featuring dreamy R&B vocalist Yerin Baek.