Blackpink in your virtual area

Blackpink connected fans worldwide through their virtual concert on Jan. 31.


Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment

Blackpink members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa pose in their opening outfits of “The Show,” the group’s virtual concert that took place on Jan. 31.

Laura Zhang, Staff Writer

With over-the-top costumes, exciting choreography, and extravagant stages, Blackpink’s first ever livestream concert was a huge success. The event, titled “The Show,” took place on Jan. 31 and was aired through the group’s YouTube channel.

Blackpink originally planned to go on a global tour after releasing their first studio album in October of last year, but because of the pandemic, they were forced to cancel these plans. The group still wanted to provide fans with a chance to see them perform, so they decided to hold a virtual concert instead.

“The Show” featured a variety of songs, from powerful anthems like “Let’s Kill This Love” to more vulnerable ballads like “You Never Know.” My favorite performance was “Forever Young” because of how natural and fun it was. Rather than performing a choreographed routine, the group decided to take a more candid approach, and it felt like they were just a group of friends laughing and singing with each other. Decorating the stage with handwritten cards from fans was also a really sweet touch, especially since the group was not able to perform for them in person.

Along with the cards, I enjoyed the other visual elements of the concert as well. Each stage and outfit helped set the mood for the songs and made the concert more exciting. I was especially impressed by the stage for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which was covered with water and contained roaring flames in the background.

The group members also performed individually, and it was interesting to see how they all chose such different songs. Jisoo, who is known for her emotional vocals, gave a passionate rendition of Trove Lo’s “Habits,” whereas Lisa, who is stronger with sassier songs, performed a flashy number to Doja Cat’s “Say So.” Jennie took over the stage with her song “Solo,” which included a dance break and an updated rap.

For her individual performance, Rosé debuted the lead single of her upcoming solo album. The song, called “Gone,” demonstrated her sweet yet soulful vocals and was more emotional than traditional Blackpink songs. The group’s music style is usually more upbeat, so it was refreshing to see Rosé show a more vulnerable side. Her solo debut was definitely one of the highlights of “The Show,” and I am excited to see what other music she releases.

Even though I was not able to see Blackpink perform in person, I was still thoroughly impressed by their online concert. The songs, choreography, costumes, and stages all complemented each other well and enhanced the overall experience. “The Show” showcased each member’s individuality and provided fans all across the world with an exciting performance.