FCPS announces new snow day guidelines


Christina Lu

Despite students learning virtually, the FCPS plans for school cancellations under specific weather conditions.

Ethan King, Staff Writer

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) announced on Dec. 14 that snow days will occur if certain criteria are met. FCPS plans to practice three responses to snow: students will either have no online or in person learning, asynchronous learning, or synchronous learning with no changes to the normal schedule. 

FCPS is prioritizing instructional time, particularly teacher-led synchronous days,” Jefferson Principal Dr. Bonitatibus said.

The decision factors for snow days include unsafe driving conditions, loss of power, and an inability for the school to safely provide meals to students. While snow days are important to keep students and staff safe in dangerous conditions, the important mental health aspect of snow days cannot be ignored. 

“A snow day can be a great way for families to spend time together or for everyone to simply relax and not have any responsibilities,” Bonitatibus said.

Snow days provide students a unique way to relax and take their mind off of stress from school or work.

“Personally, I love sleeping in, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate, and wrapping up in a blanket on a snow day, and it does help put my mind at ease,” Bonitatibus said. “Let’s hope we get to have one this year.”