FCPS cancels all international field trips


Fairfax County is currently working with the county’s health department in deciding what measures to take in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Annika Duneja, Staff Writer

As of March 9, Fairfax County has cancelled all international field trips until June 30. This includes trips to Germany, Russia, and France over spring break and in the summer, in addition to field trip and exchange student program cancellations already in effect for countries such as Japan

“I think it’s a good thing not to go at this point, especially to France. France is now having a lot of new cases, and they are going in, they are shutting down a lot of public places, and we are three weeks before the trip. Since Italy is shutting down entire cities, we think it’s best we don’t go because we may get stuck somewhere,” French teacher Cynthia Van De Kamp-Washington said. 

Currently, although the county has placed no restrictions on domestic field trips, field trip destinations like conferences and competitions are being cancelled or postponed by their organizers.