Jefferson student wins Virginia Journalist of the Year 2020


Sid Ram

Leading the discussion for the February print article, senior Grace Mak points out article ideas for opinions.

Annika Duneja, Staff Writer

Grace Mak, one of three editors-in-chiefs for tjTODAY was announced as Virginia’s 2020 Journalist of the Year on Tuesday. Irina Lee, another editor in chief, won runner-up for the contest. 

The judges chose Mak from among a group of 13 applicants from around Virginia, after going through an application process which included creating a portfolio, writing a self analytical essay and resume, and getting three teacher recommendations for the prize. 

 “I’ve put my all to every single article, no matter how small it is so even if it’s the smallest news article on a band concert that like maybe five students from our school went to, or a sports game, even if it was on a volleyball game that I was only one in the stands for, I still put my all into that article,” Mak said. 

As someone who has been part of the tjTODAY team for all four years of high school, it is her love of creating the content which has kept her going.

 “When you get your article published, when you get a photo published, when you have your designs, when you see your designs in the paper, that’s just so rewarding,” Mak said.