Jefferson Pinks-out on Halloween


Freshmen Sophia King (middle), Nirja Divekar (right) and Risha Misra (left) among other friends discuss the Pink-Out. All three of them and countless others came together to wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness on Halloween. “There are going to be so many Halloweens throughout our lives,” King said. “This is a very unique cause. It’s more important to wear pink than to wear a Halloween costume.”

Megan Zhang and Keertana Senthilkumar

Jefferson students wore pink in support of breast cancer awareness on Halloween instead of wearing costumes.

The idea began a few days before Halloween when freshmen Radha Vinayak and Grant Basilio discovered that their friend’s mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would receive her results on Halloween day. 

“My friend Milly Foster, who attends Falls Church High School, posted on her Instagram story asking for a Pink-Out on Oct. 31 because her mother would find out the stage of her breast cancer that day. I thought it would be nice to show her support at TJ as well,” freshman Radha Vinayak said. 

Vinayak and Basilio enlisted the help of other friends and began to spread the word through flyers and various social media posts in the few days preceding Halloween.

“It was a late warning but we tried to get as many people as possible to wear pink,” freshman Vinay Ayala said. 

Fortunately, their Facebook posts, Instagram stories and flyers seemed to work. Jefferson students jumped on the opportunity to show their support and went to school on Oct. 31 bedecked in pink.

“I thought about how much it must suck that instead of thinking about Halloween, trick or treating and the party you’re going to go to, you’re thinking about how this person you really love and care about is diagnosed,” freshman Sophie King said.

The success of the Pink-Out was possibly enhanced as it coincided with the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“I just had to wear pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” freshman Anisha Talreja said. “Breast cancer impacts millions of people around the world each year and it doesn’t get enough support.”

Jefferson’s unique community may also have impacted the amount of support shown on Halloween. 

“A lot of people wore pink today. We actually want to help support it, many schools don’t want to do that and I’m glad TJ actually does,” freshman Richa Misra said. 

Either way, Vinayak and Basilio agree that they hope it inspired others to want to help and continue to show their support.

“Many people showed their support and that was enough,” Vinayak said. “As long as we are showing love for Milly’s mother and other cancer patients alike, we are helping our community be supportive and strong!”