Varsity Field Hockey team loses Play4theCure game to Wakefield 0 – 3


Freshman Ellie Rowland attempts to take the ball from Wakefield. The first goal has been scored by Wakefield, but Jefferson was confident they could catch up. “We weren’t losing by that much so I thought we had it down, like we had an opportunity to win. So I think we were kind of optimistic,” junior Arisa Chue said.

Megan Zhang and Rachel Lewis

Jefferson’s varsity field hockey team played their final game before District Semi-finals, losing to Wakefield 0 – 3.

It was Jefferson varsity field hockey’s annual Play4theCure game, which is an annual tradition. Play4theCure brings people together to spread awareness about breast cancer, which almost all students have a personal connection to through a family member of friend.

“We normally do a pink out as a spirit day and have pink stickers and tattoos during the game. Last year the game hit especially close to home because our coach was diagnosed with and survived cancer and one of our own teammates had a close family member suffer from this disease,” said senior captain Nikita Reddy.

Fighting for a cause, Jefferson took the field and the first half began. Wakefield’s offense proved to be fierce, scoring the first goal within the first eighteen minutes of the game, but Jefferson’s defense put up a strong front. The referee awarded six penalties to Wakefield in the first half, none of which were successful.

“We were optimistic that after the first half, we could potentially come back as long as we tried our best and worked as a team,” junior Alex Friedman said.

Jefferson took the fields for the second half with renewed enthusiasm and determination, keeping most of the game on Wakefield’s side of the field and coming close to scoring multiple goals.

A highlight of the game was when the freshman substitute goalie, Lauren Fisher (who normally plays on junior varsity), blocked a goal from Wakefield.

“Recently, our goalie got a concussion. So we had to pull a freshman up to become goalie, and we had a stroke, which is when the opposing team has a shot on goal, and our freshman Lauren was able to deflect the goal. And that was really good,” Chue said.

However, after Wakefield scored their second goal in the last seven minutes, Jefferson’s resolve waned. With the clock ticking down at 2:39, Wakefield scored their third goal. Two minutes later, the game ended with Jefferson losing to Wakefield 0 – 3, Friday, Oct. 18.

“If we hadn’t gotten more demoralized, especially after the second goal, then the game would have been a lot better,” Friedman said.

Although the team lost this game, the players feel that the outcome is not representative of their success and doesn’t show how much they improved this season.

“We didn’t play the best,” junior Arisa Chue said. “I think we definitely played better for senior night and for other games. I’m always proud of our team, though. I love all our teammates. No matter if we lose or win, I’m going to be proud.”

The team will play at district semi-finals on Oct. 21.