Removing Adversity Score from SAT


Mr. David Coleman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the College Board, announced that the adversity score would be removed from the SAT. Picture credits: Eric Gay. 

Aumena Choudhry, Team Leader

On Aug. 27, the College Board removed the adversity score from the SAT. The adversity score measures a student’s economic hardship, and how this influences the colleges that they choose to apply to and attend. Previously, the adversity score was used for nation-wide admissions committees; however, backlash from parents and students claimed that the score could not be used to determine the student’s entire background. 

However, at Jefferson, several students feel that TJ provides many resources to its students to help them academically and overcome potential disadvantages.  

“There are people at TJ who are in adversity, but I think that despite that, someone who wants to study or do something can do it no matter what their conditions are,” senior Lavanya Nawlakhe said. 

Other factors, such as the student’s motivation to do well, can also help students overcome obstacles. 

“TJ is a pretty good environment where you can get all the resources that you need to study. Even without the adversity score, I think students can still flourish; if they have the drive to do well on the SAT,, then I think they’ll manage to do it somehow,” Nawlakhe said.