Blockiana and Point oh Five win March Mania Volleyball Tournament


Senior Ankit Badatala reaches for a spike over senior Max Graves during the March Mania tournament. Photo courtesy of Forrest Meng.

Karen Song, Staff Writer

Point oh Five (seniors Max Graves, Charlie Gunn, Todd Hartman, Jenny Pruitt, and junior Addison NewRingeisen) and Blockiana (seniors Abhishek Bazaz, Rayaan Malhotra, Ankit Badatala, and Arsh Ganjoo) won the 2019 March Mania Volleyball Tournament. Organized by the 2022 Class Council, the event consisted of 42 teams with students from all grades competing against each other in a 10 day tournament.

“The biggest challenges we faced were getting gym space and dealing with scheduling conflicts. There are many people we have to contact in order to get the gym and equipment, and gym use is also affected by everyone’s individual schedules,” 2022 Class Council Member Caroline Chen said.

Due to such scheduling conflicts, the final game between Blockiana and Point oh Five did not happen, so both teams were declared the winners.

“I did it last year and I thought it’d be fun to like play with friends who aren’t on TJVB,” junior varsity volleyball player Zoe Lu said.

“I thought it was really fun, especially since I play volleyball and my friends and I were looking forward to February Frenzy. My favorite part of the tournament was seeing people from all grades and teams watching the games,” Chen said.

Upcoming events include a charity drive that 2022 Class Council is currently organizing for the National Coalition for the Homeless, and the freshmen lock-in which is coming up on May 5.