Homecoming Week Day 1: Photo of the Day

Ankit Agrawal, Editor-in-Chief

Students scream and cheer across the bleachers at others as everyone feverishly enters the gym. Each class elects two individuals – one male and one female – to represent the grade for the day’s theme, today’s being “Pressed Shirts and Dress Skirts (Dress Your Best).” The electric atmosphere, while lasting for only 10 minutes at the beginning of lunch, was a fantastic start to the school’s homecoming festivities.

Oct. 5 marked the first day of homecoming week. After an intense pep rally, filled with class chants and celebration, the seniors won the most spirited class and the best dressed male, while the juniors won the best dressed female.

Now, classes are preparing for tomorrow’s pep rally and homecoming day theme – “Mathletes v. Athletes (Opposite Day).”

Ankit Agrawal
Seniors toss red balloons into the air at the end of their “IT”-themed roll call during the Oct. 5 pep rally.