How your phone can get you ready to go back to school


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Some teachers and parents find phones to be a distraction for students in school. However, they can also be extremely useful in getting students prepared and ready to ace the upcoming school year.

Ankit Agrawal, Editor-in-Chief

In case you were not already aware, the 2017-2018 school year for FCPS schools starts on Aug. 28. This means that students will have to wake up early, hit the books, and be ready to work for almost 10 months in less than two weeks. Seems like a pretty daunting task, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be – all you’ll need is your phone.

With recent advances in technology, companies have created apps for students to use on their phones to help them get ready for the school year. tjTODAY already published an article in 2014 discussing some of the apps that students could use, including EverNote and myHomework. The following includes five more apps that have been developed and that can help students feel more prepared for the school year.

iHomework 2 – $1.99 on iOS

“iHomework 2” is an app that allows students to track their work and schedule in school. Depending on how students want to organize their schedule, work can be divided based on date, month, week, or course. Students can also reduce the clutter of their workspaces by linking reading assignments directly through the app. All of this information, and more, can then be synced to any Apple-compatible device for greater accessibility.


Graphing Calculator – $0.99 on iOS

Looking for a way to graph a complicated calculus equation, and left a calculator at home? Well, there’s no need to fear – just use the “Graphing Calculator” app. “Graphing Calculator” allows students to utilize the functions of a typical scientific calculator and graph multiple equations that students can then email to themselves if needed.

Here Comes the Bus – Free on iOS and Android

Not only are there apps for students, but there are also apps for parents. “Here Comes the Bus” can help parents keep track of when students’ busses are running late or if they have already left depending on the set arrival and departure time information for various schools and bus stops. The app also updates parents with notifications when needed, but parents must make sure that the app is used by their students’ school district – otherwise it may not function properly.

Bedtime – Free on iOS

An app that’s already installed on current iPhones, “Bedtime” ensures students will go to sleep on time before school. This app is crucial for students who want to make sure they get the right amount of shut eye so they’re ready for whatever school gives them.

Docs To Go Free – Free on iOS

“Docs To Go” allows students to create, view, and edit Microsoft Office files such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Students can also view Adobe PDF files on their phones, which can be extremely useful for students who are in a rush and need to review their study materials before classes start.