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Apps that every student should have this school year.

Apps that every student should have this school year.

Akhil Waghmare, Sports Editor

Wherever you look today at Jefferson, it seems that students are using technology in some form. Some of the more popular ones are the smartphone and personal computer. These very devices can be used to help students reach their potential in their studies. Here are some apps that every Jefferson student should have heading into the new school year.

Evernote (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Online) – Free

What it does: Note-taking

Many forms of notes exist today, including written notes, diagrams and audio recordings. Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app that allows you to take advantage of all types of notes across all devices. Quickly create notebooks for each of your classes, take a web snippet and place it in a note or snap a picture of a drawing on a piece of paper. The simplicity and vast feature set makes this a must-have app for any student.

“It helps me keep track of a lot of the small details, relating to classes and things I have going on outside of school,” junior Kevin Xu said. “I anticipate it will come in handy this school year.”

myHomework (Android, iPhone, iPad, Online, Windows 8) – Free

What it does: Assignment tracking

With the increased use of technology in education, students are now looking for ways to replace their paper planner with an electronic equivalent. Look no further than myHomework, a simple and yet powerful tracker of your entire academic life. Easily create assignments while assigning them a type such as ‘Mid-Term’ and assign them to a class. Class schedules and reminders at the beginning of class are a plus for productivity. And with apps across almost all devices and the web, you may never need to buy a planner again.

Brainscape (iPhone, iPad, Online) – Free

What it does: Flashcard studying

Inspired by neuroscience research, Brainscape introduces an innovative and effective way to use flashcards. Unlike regular flashcards, Brainscape asks you to scale your comfort level of a particular flashcard from 1-5 after you have answered it. The app then uses this information to order the flashcards in a way that most efficiently lets you learn, by presenting the ‘hardest’ cards first and until you get better at them. The availability on the web and lack of price tag add even more to the appeal of this fantastic app.

“I like Brainscape because it intelligently shows me the information that I don’t know well, which allows me to study more quickly and efficiently,” junior Matthew Sun said.