TJTV News, Episode 2: Sept. 26, 2016

Alexa Nguonly, Sharon Kim, and Lynn Nguyen

Here’s more information regarding some of this morning’s announcements:

Congratulations to the TJ Co-Ed Golf team for wining the Capitol Conference 13 Golf Championship. The Golf Team will compete in the Region 5A Tournament @ Brambleton Golf Course in South Riding on Wednesday.

Juniors: Submit your PSAT check to Student Services by THIS WEDNESDAY!

Senior portraits will take place in the lecture hall from October 3 until October 6. Seniors will receive an appointment card in the mail and the full schedule will be posted to Facebook. If you have any questions or conflicts, please feel free to contact Ms. Harris at [email protected].

Yearbooks are officially on sale. Visit and use school code 13621 to place your order. Publications packages are $100 and include a yearbook, a literary magazine, a science magazine, and a subscription to tjTODAY. Order by December and you’ll receive a free name plate at distribution.

Upholding academic integrity is very important. If you witness someone receiving an unfair advantage on an assessment or assignment, you should report it.  First, you can talk to your teacher about the incident in private.  Additionally, you can use the confidential online form which is located on Intranet by clicking the “Academic Integrity” link under the “Useful Links” section of your dashboard.  Although you must give your name and student ID number, the administration will never reveal to the student that you reported the incident.