JV softball team loses to Edison

The Jefferson team etched the smiley face into the ground while preparing the field to promote team spirit.

On Tuesday April 28, the Jefferson junior varsity (JV) softball team played against Edison High School.  The venue for the game was Jefferson, and the Jefferson team was defeated with an end score of 21-0 at the end of the fifth inning.

Though, junior Kiran Girsh normally pitches for the Jefferson team, she was unable to make Tuesday’s game.  As a result, freshman Zahin Faruque pitched during the top half of the first inning.

Midway through the top half of the first inning, Faruque was hit squarely in the face with a softball.  The Umpire called a time out and the Jefferson team crowded around Faruque.  Her glasses broke and she suffered a swollen eye and bruise to the face.  Despite her impaired vision Faruque chose to pitch out the remainder of the first inning.

“We were all really worried about Zahin.  She was a new pitcher, we were losing – and we just hoped that she was OK,” freshman catcher Hyunjeong Cho said.  “Everybody was proud of her for showing some serious spirit and continuing to play.”

The game continued and Jefferson and Edison continued to take turns batting and fielding.  Jefferson came close to scoring a run several times, but was ultimately unable to score against Edison.

“Today we showed great spirit.  Even though we didn’t win it was fun to watch and cheer on,” team manager junior Tanmaya Rodda said.

The JV softball team also left the game with a few lessons learned.

“The important thing is that we will learn and improve from this experience,” Coach Meg Sandstrom said.  “I’m proud that we maintained our unity, coherence, support and spirit as a team.”