Marine biology classes dissect crabs


photo by Stav Nachum

Juniors Jeevan Karamsetty and Grace Liu dissected their crab during class

Alexis Williams and Stav Nachum, Spread Editor and Sports Editor

The smell of crabs permeated the hall and students plugged their noses to avoid the stench. Students inside the classrooms, however, were seemingly impervious to the odor as they focused on their projects.

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, students in the Advanced Marine Biology elective classes had the opportunity to dissect crabs in class as a part of their studies of crustaceans.

“The crab lab was really interesting because I had never worked with uncooked crab before. This was definitely new, but also cool,” junior Michelle Namkung said.

Students learned about the different body parts of the crab as a part of the Advanced Marine Biology curriculum, but got hands-on experience when working with the crabs.

“It was interesting because even though I eat crabs I never thought of them like this and I got to learn about their internal parts,” junior Coco Chen said.

Although the lab was exciting, however, students found some parts of the dissection unappealing.

“It was really fun but also really messy since there was fluid all over the place and guts everywhere,” junior Shuvam Mishra said.