School board approves for post-AP classes GPA boost


After a petition supported by the Jefferson community, the proposal to give all classes with an Advanced Placement (AP) prerequisite an additional 1.0 GPA weighting has been approved.

Sandy Cho and Tommy Lunn

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Superintendent Karen Garza has recently approved the proposal to give all classes with an Advanced Placement (AP) prerequisite an additional 1.0 GPA weighting.

“I think awarding AP weighting to post-AP classes is the right decision,” senior Daniel Carballo said.  “Post-AP classes at Jefferson tend to be just as – if not more – challenging than AP classes, and so it is only fair that students be rewarded accordingly.”

The change in the weighting will retroactively affect post-AP classes taken in previous years, in addition to those now and in the future. Currently, the goal is to have the computer systems reflect the boost for seniors by Dec. 20 so that universities will be able to see the updated grade reports.

However, some students feel divided over the decision, especially due to possibility of students taking courses just for the boost and not out of their enjoyment.

“On one hand, post-AP classes are harder courses and it’s not fair to be giving them the same weighting as an honors or normal class,” junior Sravani Korupolu said. “However, I feel like that would also influence people to take post APs just for the sake of the weighting.”

Overall, students are pleased with the decision, especially after their efforts. The complete list of classes affected by the weighting will be released later.

“I am very proud of the TJ community, especially the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), for pushing for the weighting,” junior Jenny Kim, secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA), said. “I think it’s long overdue and because I am affected, I am glad that the request has been approved.”