Red Cross YTF plans on making blankets for retirement home residents


Red Cross YTF advertises for the blanket making activity.

Anshula Rudhraraju, Entertainment Editor

Following the success of last year’s blanket drive, Red Cross Youth Task Force (Red Cross YTF) will be hosting a series of blanket-making sessions starting Dec. 13 during A-block.

The blankets will be made and donated to the senior residents of the Greenspring retirement home in Springfield. In the past, students have picked different patterns of fabric, fringed them and tied them together, creating unique blankets for the individuals at the center.

“Hopefully we’re going to have some good luck getting the rest of the Jefferson community involved in this project,” vice president and senior Nathan Williams said.

Williams and the other officers are looking for ways to get more students to participate, including using social media to spread the word to students at Jefferson.

“In the past years, we have not taken advantage of social networking, namely Facebook, in order to maximize attendance,” Williams said. “This year, though, we’re going to do everything we can to boost the amount of help we get for this project during Friday A-blocks these next couple of weeks.”

Most of the students who have participated in the activity in the past have enjoyed being able to actively participate in a hands-on community service project alongside friends.

“The blanket making activity has always been something fun that Red Cross YTF has done during the holidays,” president and senior Tina Ju said. “I feel that the activity shows people how just a little bit can have a big impact.”