Juniors take annual trip to tech labs


Optics and Modern Physics Lab Director John Dell gives a presentation for juniors on Dec. 4. Photo by Ellen Kan.

Sandy Cho, News Editor

During eighth period on Dec. 4, juniors had the opportunity to attend consultation sessions for senior research tech laboratories, where they were able to learn more in-depth about potential labs and begin developing research ideas for their senior year.

“I had gone to tech lab visits during sophomore year too, but this year, every block that I went to seemed especially informative and more important because in less than two weeks, we are actually applying,” junior Anant Das said. “It was really cool to hear about the new WebApps senior lab as well.”

Two days prior, on Dec. 2, students also attended a group meeting with their counselor and several research lab directors in order to learn about the application process and ask specific questions. Since applications are fast approaching and are due on Dec. 16, many juniors are relieved to have these meetings and visits to make the process easier.

“The review sessions with the counselors are really helpful to make sure you’re not missing anything important,” junior Tim Cha said. “Visiting the tech labs is a great opportunity for the kids to really see what each tech lab is like and what they might want to take next year.”

Though not all students have completely finalized their plans for the future, many have an idea for what they lab they plan to do and what project to pursue.

“Right now, my only choice is neuroscience because it’s the only prerequisite I have fulfilled but I’m happy with that choice,” junior Edith Zhang said. “I’d like to do something relating to genetic therapy for vision disorders but I’m not sure if that’s feasible.”

Sessions will also be held during eighth period on Dec. 6 for those who were not able to attend.