“Britney Jean” is a disappointment to Britney Spears fans


Photo courtesy of www.britneyspears.com

Anshula Rudhraraju, Entertainment Editor

Britney Spears released her new album, “Britney Jean”, on Dec. 2, proving that the thirty-two-year-old princess of pop has more than a little youthful energy left in her.

Spears was never known for being vocally impressive and this album is no different. But what makes the album unique was the varied mix of fast paced electronic beats and mid-tempo delicate tunes.

The opening track “Alien” introduces a slightly slowed down club riff much like many of her other hit songs. “Work B**ch”, the only explicit song on the album, has subtle sass hidden beneath the lyrics and a heavy studio reverb effect. “Tik Tik Boom”, which Spears sung alongside T.I., is reminiscent of “I Wanna Go”, a single in Spears’s other post-breakup album.

The album however was supposed to lyrically delve into her life and explore all sides of the megastar. Most of the songs were about her mourning her break up or about pretending to move on, of which Spears seems to be doing neither. “Perfume”, her failed attempt at a sensitive and dreamy song is heavily auto tuned, featuring an unrealistically smooth voice from Spears. “Hold On Tight” is Spears’s with her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, who unlike the iconic pop artist has a vocally controlled voice.

“Now That I found You” had a strong chorus, but the verses were annoyingly high pitched. The only highlight of the album was “Passenger,” which showed a few dimensions to Spears both lyrically and vocally.

So for her next album, she should stick to doing what she does best, making catchy fast-tempo club tracks, because that’s what was expected from “Britney Jean.”