Autumn Leaf-brary: Jefferson Librarians reflect before the fall holidays


Anjali Khanna

sophomore Augene Park writes on a paper leaf to put on the display in the library.

Anjali Khanna

This time of year, Jefferson students are rarely thinking about what they’re thankful for. With college applications, scholarships and Governor’s school deadlines quickly emerging, most students are just trying to stay on top of their busy schedules and study for upcoming exams.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the library staff has decided to spread a little holiday cheer by letting the students share what they are thankful for this season. Students now have the opportunity to write their thanks on leaf cutouts and post them in the back wall of the library near lounge chairs, so others can see the wall as they relax in the morning or check out books later in the day.

“It’s always fun to give people a chance to reflect on the things we’re thankful for,” Librarian Anne Applin said. “Normally we’re always striving to accomplish more and more, but we never stop to reflect, especially this time of year.”

Applin and Librarian Cindy Powell decided to put up the wall before Thanksgiving break, so they could get the chance to interact more with the student body about the meaning of the holidays. Often students who do not have classes in the library do not get to interact much with the library staff, due to the number of students who visit everyday and the size of the room itself.

“There are so many students come through the library who we never get the chance to interact with, so this is a good way to interact with those students while getting the chance to give thanks during Thanksgiving,” Applin said.