Students begin preparing for CSED Week

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Stav Nachum and Anshula Rudhraraju

Once a year, all of the computer science students at Jefferson get together to celebrate their coding skills. Although the official date for Computer Science Education (CSED) Week is the week of Dec. 9, planning for this special event has already begun.

This week is held in recognition of the birthday of one of the early pioneers of computing, Admiral Grace Hopper. An American computer scientist, Hopper was a developer of the original compiler for a computer programming language and is credited with popularizing the term “debugging,” a technical term that refers to fixing code glitches.

“Technology is a growing area so computer science is becoming more important,” sophomore Shirley Wang said. “CSED Week is a good way to raise awareness of the topic.”

The annual poster contest, held by the Computer Science Teaching Association (CSTA), is one of the most anticipated events of the week. This year’s theme is “We  are the Faces of Computing,” and students are challenged to create an image of students, creatively depicting their involvement and interest in the field. The deadline for the competition is Nov. 18.

“I think this year’s theme rings true because the next generation of computer scientists are the students who are currently studying computer science,” sophomore Joselyn Jung said.

CSED week is not only for students who already have prior background knowledge of coding but it is an event rather for people of all ages and experience. It is a great time for students and adults alike who are interested in gaining coding skills to start learning about computer science in a fun and engaging way.

“I think computer science is so important because these days it is used by nearly everyone daily,” sophomore Alison Hau said. “Just like for every other technology created, we should know at least the basics of how it works.”