Biology Society holds sheep brain dissection


Sophomore Jay Gupta dissecting a sheep brain. Photo courtesy of Will Ryu.

Sruthi Jayaraman, Online Staff

On November 8, during B-block, Jefferson Biology Society was able to hold a sheep brain dissection for  30 students using the Richard Slivoskey Grant that they won during the 2012-2013 school year.

The dissection was led by senior Seong Jang, who already knew a lot about the brain from participating in Brain Bees and other brain dissection activities outside of Jefferson.

“I remember how I felt watching my first brain dissection, and I wanted other people to have and experience those same feelings,” Jang said.

Along with Jang, the other club officers went around and helped the participants understand the different parts of the brain and what each one’s function is. They also helped students recognize the parts they were looking at.

“It was a great hands-on activity to help us learn about the parts and functions of the brain,” said sophomore Jay Warrior.

The dissection also had a powerpoint with pictures of each step of the dissection, so students could see a clear view of what the brain should look like after every cut with the scalpel. The officers also took the time to teach struggling kids the proper technique to perform the dissection.

“I am really grateful that TJ has clubs like this that give people the opportunity to participate in interesting activities like this one,” sophomore Virginia Sun said.