Threshold begins literary selection for the upcoming magazine


Threshold holds eighth periods meetings to choose which pieces will be selected for the magazine.

Esther Kim

Inside the small “Cave,” it is often possible to hear the passionate voice of a student reading aloud a piece of poetry or prose. A group of students follow along closely with the solitary reader. These students are participating in the production of Threshold, Jefferson’s annual literary magazine that compiles student literary pieces.

“Having a literary magazine not only gives the students the opportunity to showcase their work to their fellow students, but also allows them to receive valuable and unbiased feedback on their writing,” junior Anant Das, the Shadwell Editor, said.

Threshold is currently starting its first phase of production, in which the students evaluate, judge and select which submissions are to be published in the magazine.

During its eighth period meetings, students read aloud a piece twice, or once for longer pieces, and examine the piece’s overarching theme and its positive or negative aspects under the guidance of an editor. Afterwards, the students vote on whether they want to accept, reject, or revise the piece.

“For Threshold, we receive well over 150 submissions each year of prose, poetry, art, or music,” Das said. “There is no theme to write to for Threshold, but our design theme for the section of the magazine is ‘reconstruction.’”

For Shadwell, Jefferson’s writing contest, the overall theme for the year is “cipher.” The submissions for the contest will also constitute another section of the magazine. The editors of Threshold are hoping for another productive year as they encourage students to participate in the literary facet of Jefferson.

“This year, we hope to launch our social networking campaign to increase submissions,” Das said. “Moreover, we hope to incorporate technology such as iPads in our discussions to save paper.”