Biology Society arranges cow eye dissection


Juniors Jennifer Fang, Janie Choi and Joo Kang learn how to dissect a cow’s eye. Photo by Esther Kim.

Archis Bhandarkar and Ellen Kan

What could be more in the spirit of Halloween than playing around with a cow’s eyeball? This Nov. 1, Biology Society featured special guest Dr. Tom Mendel, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Virginia (U.Va.) and Jefferson alumnus, who led a dissection of the cow eye.

“I was excited to finally be able to apply my knowledge in anatomy and biology in this great opportunity,” sophomore Kaushik Venkatesh said.

Given how fragile cow eye tissue can be, this dissection is perhaps one of the most delicate of the year. However, while the precision required for dissections can get nerve-wracking, dissecting the cow eye has its unique rewards.

“Probably seeing the vitreous humor pop out was the most exciting part of the dissection,” junior Ganesh Arvapalli said. “I couldn’t help but feel disgusted and fascinated at the same time.”

The cow eye dissection is just the first event of Biology Society’s Dissection Month. Students will be offered the opportunity to dissect both the sheep brain and heart on Friday B-Block sessions all through the month.

“I usually go whenever dissections are announced,” Arvapalli said. “I find them a lot of fun.”