Beach week preparations begin


Tommy Lunn

Following four years at Jefferson, it is an annual tradition for the most recent set of alumni to take off for “beach week.”  The holiday post-graduation provides a week of fun and relaxation with friends as well as a way to celebrate graduation.

This year’s senior’s class will be holding their week at Corolla, N.C., part of the Outer Banks.   Traditionally, the week is held the first week after Jefferson’s graduation.  However, this year’s seniors have split into two weeks.

“My group is going the second week because we fell in love with a house that we couldn’t rent the first week,” senior Sib Shewit said.

Although June is not for eight months, seniors have started planning for beach week.  The first and arguably most important part is finding a group of friends who are able to go.  However, the reason most groups plan early is because of the difficulties of finding houses.

“The hardest part of getting a house was most definitely finding something big enough in our price range,” Shewit said. Fitting 30 people into one house is a lot, and during the first couple weeks when people were changing group a lot, it was so hard to find something that everyone liked.”

All problems aside, most people end up enjoying beach week.  The atmosphere of being with friends, both in your house and in other, nearby houses, while being at the beach is relaxing after an often strenuous senior year.

“People like it because it’s your final week with your friends.  You get to relax with your closest buds,” senior Suddy Sriram said.  “There isn’t the pressure of school.”