Students deck out for Halloween


Many students dress up on Halloween in a variety of costumes.

Shayna Hume

On Halloween, children scamper from door to door, picking up candy as they Trick-or-Treat, while adults greet them in colorful costumes. However, teenagers also find their place in this annual holiday, including the many Jefferson students who arrived decked out to school on Oct. 31.

“I love watching all the Halloweentown movies,” sophomore Cheryl Mensah said. “They are absolutely precious, and I somehow manage to forget parts of the movie during the year, so I always fall in love with them again during Halloween.”

At Jefferson, in addition to the more typical costumes, many students bring cosplay outfits to school, spicing up the yearly mélange of sports players, cowboys and animals. However, every year there’s a few students who decide to go for a humorous approach. This year, some of the more creative ensembles included a Common Application essay to a “B+.”

“I love it when people go all out with costumes,” Mensah said. “I think Devan Kowdley made a pretty convincing Mario.”

Traditions among students range from Halloween parties to horror movie marathons and everything in between, giving students a chance to celebrate what is for many a highlight of the fall.

“My best Halloween memory would definitely be the trading sessions after trick-or-treating,” senior Alice Zhang said. “I’ll never know if two kit kats are actually worth three packs of skittles.”