Off the Grid: Help, I need somebody


Being surrounded by technology makes me feel like a kid surrounded by candy just out of my reach.

Yena Seo

You know how when you exercise, you feel horrible and disgusting as sweat drips profusely from you? Yet you do it anyways, because you know working out is good for you to a certain extent. That’s kind of what today feels like. I know that my break from social media will be good for me in the end, because I won’t be wasting my time refreshing my Facebook newsfeed or my Twitter timeline to get updated on my friends’ latest gossip.

But like the piercing cramps I get in my sides after running or the aching muscles I have following a grueling swim practice, this social media-free day is feeling pretty horrible. I want to check my e-mail and am hoping that I haven’t received any messages that have a time constraint, and I want to catch up with my friends, especially my base school friends, on Twitter and Facebook. I want to reblog delicious food on Tumblr, to browse fashion-forward outfits and jewelry on Pinterest and to see adorable pictures on Instagram.

Instead of doing any of those things, I’m sitting down in the computer lab attached to the journalism room typing this blog piece up. The people to the left and right of me have some kind of social media or e-mail account open, and the dings and notifications are constantly taunting me.

It’s a rough transition, trying to get used to not opening up any of social media sites. There have been at least three instances today when I almost typed in “” into the URL. My brain is so used to taking out my phone and opening up the Twitter or Facebook applications without giving it a second thought, so restraining myself has been incredibly difficult.

I can only imagine what eighth period and after school will be like, because it’s already feeling pretty awful.

Please, somebody help me and put me out of this misery.