Off the Grid: One day more


Saying goodbye to my favorite social media sites one last time before my technology-free 24 hours.

Yena Seo

The panic is finally starting to set in. Seriously, why did I sign up for this?

Earlier this morning, I realized that for my Senior Seminar classes tomorrow, I’ll be working in the computer lab. That means for three hours tomorrow, I’ll be in front of a computer even though I won’t be able to access any of my favorite social media sites, or even my email account.

Additionally, I’ll be in the journalism room for seventh period, meaning all of my classmates will be working on their pieces on their computers or laptops. Basically, throughout the entire day I’ll be feeling like a kid surrounded by candy just out of my reach.

I actually am not sure what I’m going to do and it’s starting to dawn on me just now. Tomorrow, I’m being picked up after an after-school activity by my mother who I won’t be able to text. I’m going to the cheer squad’s conference championship at Mount Vernon High School to film highlights, but I won’t be able to tweet anything from the tjTODAY account.

Not to mention, I couldn’t get through even 40 minutes without checking my phone to see if I’d received any kind of notification, message or email.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have no access to email, any kind of social media or text until I wake up the next morning.

This is going to be the worst day of my life.