Off the Grid: Preparing for takeoff


Notifications from Twitter and other social media sites allow me to stay in the loop.

Yena Seo

Walking through the hallways today, I was surprised by the amount of interest I received in my upcoming technology-free journey. When I wasn’t rushing to finish my incomplete homework or scrambling to my Sadie’s asking, I was able to talk to several students and teachers about how I was going to prepare for my 24 hours without technological communication.

One of my friends joked that during that day (Oct. 23), she would text me dozens of text messages so that when I finally regained access to my phone after the 24-hour period, I would have a ridiculous number of notifications. This got me thinking: How many notifications, text messages, emails and tweets do I get per day?

From just the end of school to 9 p.m. tonight, I’ve received over 100 Facebook notifications, 51 Tumblr notifications, 30 text messages, 28 Instagram notifications, 20 emails (31 if you include the ones from colleges) and 18 Twitter notifications.

Obviously, these numbers are arbitrary. The more active you are on social media, the more notifications you will receive. If I change my profile picture or make a status on Facebook, I will receive dozens more notifications than if I were to just have Facebook open but not interact with anyone on it. Text messages and Facebook messages work a little differently, however—if someone really needs to text or message me, they will, but if I don’t respond, I typically won’t keep getting notifications unless the other person thinks I’m ignoring them, in an accident or dead.

There are two days left—wish me luck, because I’ll need it.