Freshman class election results announced


photo courtesy of Hana Cho

Hana Cho, Online staff

On Oct. 11, the results of the freshmen class elections were announced. Freshmen Devan Kowdley won the vote for class president. Other victors include freshmen Chris Cao, as vice president, Laura Chu, as secretary, Steven Li, as treasurer, Kana Griffin, as Senator and Tatiana Bennett and Justin Lee as historians.

“I really want to start working on my plans for the class like a freshman lounge, depending on how my interactions with faculty and staff go,” Kowdley said.

Candidates gave their speeches to the freshmen student body during a mandatory Monday eighth period. Afterwards, students had the rest of the week to cast their approval vote through the Intranet.

“Through the homecoming activities, I can tell that we, the class of 2017, have great potential to not just meet, but surpass expectation. I can’t wait to start planning the freshmen lockout, as well as getting freshmen fundraisers started,” Li said.

The class council will be responsible for planning and coordinating all activities that the freshmen take part in for the rest of this school year.

“I’m looking forward to promoting events and working with other students and staff to make a great year for all of us,” Kowdley said.