Performing Arts Showcase starts during eighth period


Henry Wang, Online staff

Jefferson’s Performing Arts Showcase kicked off on Oct. 4, B-block in the auditorium. Students from the choir, including junior Charlene Franke, performed in the first Performing Arts Workshop.

Franke, a violist in Jefferson’s Symphonic Orchestra, chose to play “Viola Concerto in D Major” by composer Johann Stamitz.

“I chose to play this piece because I needed it to be memorized for my next lesson,” Franke said. “I think the showcase is a good opportunity for other performing artists, especially for those who feel shy in front of an audience like me.”

Three students will perform each Friday B-block in front of an audience in the auditorium. Students of all levels of talents are welcome to join. In addition, performers are not required to take any of Jefferson’s art courses in order to perform in the showcase.

“The Performing Arts Showcase will be open to all students,” Orchestra Teacher Allison Bailey said. “Students can sign up to perform or just sit in the audience.”