Kemp publishes a technology-centered MAKE book


Adam Kemp is the Energy Systems Senior Research Laboratory director. His book became available this past month.

Sruthi Jayaraman, Online staff

Energy Systems Lab Director Adam Kemp has written an upcoming MAKE book called “The Makerspace Workbench.” MAKE is a website that provides Do-It-Yourself Projects, which includes how-to’s and tips from professionals in varioius fields. The book describes how to organize an environment to provide a safe and fun workflow for makers, educators and the community.

Kemp wrote “The Makerspace Workbook” mainly for his students to help them understand how modern technology tools, such as three-dimensional printers and laser engravers, work and how they should be used in a modern technology classroom.

“The book is best explained as an answer to the prompt ‘Create a dynamic space for designing and building DIY electronic hardware, programming and manufacturing projects,’“ Kemp said.

That set-up in a classroom is becoming more and more popular for those who actually work with tools, which is what serves as the foundation for Kemp’s book.

“There are many pictures in the book to help outline the perfect space for working. I think that is the best part,” Kemp said. The pictures are also included to help readers understand how different tools and machines work and how they should be organized for safety and efficiency.

Currently, the book is only available as an early release e-book, but as Kemp edits and adds to the book, readers will receive updates when changes are made. The book was available in print in September and soon readers will be able to buy the book in person at the World Maker Faire in New York.