Shakespeare troupe presents Macbatman


Junior Jordan Goodson performs as Poison Ivy and Lady Macbeth.

“Macbatman: A Gotham Retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth” was presented by the Shakespeare Troupe in the auditorium on May 4-5. The play merged the Shakespearian tale of Macbeth with the contemporary legend of Batman.

“You get this interesting parallel between Macbeth and Batman,” junior Adam Friedman said. “They both start out as enforcer figures for either a city or a country, and then they both receive some temptation or challenge to their morals. Macbeth gets this in the form of the witches. Batman gets this in the form of many of the villains he faces and his resistance to not kill anyone.”

The play was directed by Friedman and junior Liesl Jaeger. Junior Ben Andre played Macbeth and junior Jordan Goodson put on a superb performance as Lady Macbeth. The three witches, played by sophomores Kira Becker and Mikaela Ruiz-Ramon and junior Daniel Sainati, captivated the audience for the duration of their time on stage.

The performance was complemented by the use of a projector to portray Gotham City and Wayne Manor. The play climaxed with Macduff donning the cowl in Macbeth’s place.

“What we wanted to look at was what would happen to Batman if he had succumbed to his vices like Macbeth,” Friedman said.